Ways To Make Extra Money! How To Use Multiple Income Channels

When you use a certain medium list, it is healthy to ponder new ways to make extra money, and just try some new ones.

You may get a surprise, how well some of them work and that you can run promotions in these new mediums with your present knowledge and skills.

1. Build New Relationships Through Blog Comments.

Related blogs offer great ways to make extra money. Actually blogs are like small social sites or online marketing forums and the communities are tightly related and small.

What makes them very useful to you is, that they are interactive. These comments bring both traffic and higher page rank through links back to your site.

Comment only related blogs and try to write your comment with the keyword and the anchor text hyperlink to your site.

You should favor high PR blogs and especially those, which have the Top Commentator List on the sidebar.

This brings you backlinks easily, because the list is on every page of the blog, so you can get hundreds of backlinks by keeping you among the top commentators.

2. The Social Sites, Great Ways To Make Extra Money, If Used Correctly.

Twitter is maybe the hottest name at this writing. You can see Twitter as your website, which is extremely quick and easy to use.

That is a great place especially for contacting with the useful, short messages, but serves also as a marketplace.

It is important to plan a strategy for Twitter, because if you really want to succeed there, you have to be able to stand out from the crowd and to offer something honestly meaningful.

Another requirement is that Twitter needs your attention daily. Your followers must see, that you are the host and that you participate actively.

3. Connect Mediums Together.

If you manage to take your site visitor to your Twitter page, from there to your blog and from your blog to some sales page, that is the ideal chain.

The repetition is the key for success and if the prospect follows your chain, he will get the message in several forms, which increases the effect.

The natures of different mediums are different, which makes it possible to keep contact with the different messages.

You can make your daily communication through your blog or Twitter or even through your email list. The more deeper information could be distributed through the article marketing or webpages. When you manage to keep the quality high, these can form great ways to make extra money.

I would underline one important thing. When you eagerly search for new ways to make extra money, remember to keep the old mediums.

These new ones are extra ways to make money from home. They are not the only ways.

When you have entered the new mediums, it will take some time before they start to work. If you start for instance with Twitter, first people will follow, how you will look like.

It takes several repetitions from your site until the trust starts to grow and they start to click your links. When they will see you in another medium, they are convinced that you are good.