The Free Money Part Of Online Poker

There are two big myths going around about online poker these days. The first is that there is no free money to be had from online poker and the second is that there is no sustainability to getting free money out of online poker websites. Well, anyone that has been in the industry for any length of time knows that both of these things are false and the proof is below.

The first myth is obviously false, since online poker sites are now expanding their free money offerings to include more bonuses and promotions. Classically, a poker site would maintain a first time deposit bonus and nothing else whereas nowadays the poker sites often have reload bonuses that you can regularly use as opposed to on an invitation only basis which is what used to take place. Another characteristic of online poker sites nowadays is to allow you play in promotional tournaments with no entry fee and a cash prize pool. If that is not getting something for nothing, there is nothing on the planet that is. The reason that people object to using this as a free money thing is that they see having to play to release the bonus as investment. Well, while it is true that you do need to deposit to get most of these bonuses, playing break-even poker will get you the money for free.

The second one is also false and it is even easier to prove it. While there are arguments that could be made that playing poker means that no money you get out of it is free, there can be no argument against the fact that there are plenty of bonuses that are refillable. The Crypto Logic Network is known for having online poker sites that give out monthly bonuses and these bonuses are the exact same every month. That certainly counts as sustainability. There are many new and upcoming poker sites that need prop players to whom they are willing to pay rakebacks in excess of 100% as long as they fulfill a minimum playing requirement. That certainly counts as sustainability. There are so many different sources from which a person can get a sustainable source of online poker money these days that to claim that online poker free money is not a sustainable venture is a blatantly ridiculous thing to do.

When you take a look at all of the free money that is available on the internet from online poker sites, it is quite easy to see that you can get some whenever you want. However, free money is not the same thing as easy money in this case unless you have the ability to play break-even poker online. If you do not know how to play break-even poker, that should be the first thing on your agenda of things to learn. Only when you learn that can you truly claim that you have the ability to get free money through the process of playing online poker.