Online Making Money Package – How To Generate Multiple Income With One Blog

Most of the methods online will show you how you can make money and if you noticed, most of them will only generate a single stream of income with one method. For example, if you do paid surveys, you will only get paid for the surveys and nothing else. However there are ways to make multiple streams of income online with just one method. This online making money package is extremely powerful as it kills a few birds with just one stone and its easily doable.

So what is this killer method that can help you generate many income streams? Its called blogging. Blogging is extremely powerful and if you already have a blog, its going to be so much easier for you to generate money. With this method, we will kill 3 birds with one stone, meaning we will generate 3 streams of income with just one blog. The first thing you will need to do of course is to start a blog if you do not already have one. You can use a free blog account but to fully utilize my method, its best to go with a paid domain blog and i will tell you why later.

The next thing you will have to do is write content. Write lots of content and write on anything you like. Be it your work life, love life, or just random jitters of life, just do it. Next you will need to sign up for Ad sense. This will be your first source of revenue. Ad sense is straightforward. Google will place ads on your blog and if anybody clicks it, you get money.

The next thing you will need for my online money making package is to sign up to affiliate links. Yes, you will be doing affiliate marketing. How this will work is that you will tell your readers that you initially had a problem and no matter what you do, you just can’t solve it. Then someone came along and introduced you an ebook which could solve your problem. After using it, you found your problem had disappeared and you want to share this great discovery with your readers because you care for them. Throw in your affiliate link and watch cash start growing in your bank account.

The last stream of income will be through selling ad space. This will only work only if you have a huge amount of traffic going to your blog because not many people would want to advertise on a site that has no traffic. This is why we sign up for your own domain, because if you were to use the free blog accounts, chances are they will not allow you to sell ad space because that space belongs to them. So remember, the more traffic your blog brings in, the higher you can charge for the ad space.

That’s it for my online money making package. You get a 3 in 1 deal all just by writing about what you would already write about anyway. So if you have yet to have a blog account, start opening up one now and take advantage of my method and start earning some money for yourself now!