Make Free Money Online by Blogging

Those who love to blog know the benefits of getting a lot of people to regularly read what you have to say, whether it’s just a random, everyday musing or a major event that happened in your city. Not only does it feel good to know that others are taking the time to read your blog, it also means that you have a cash opportunity that is ripe for the picking. You can make free money online by doing the thing that you love. Here’s how.

The Good Thing about Advertising on Blogs

There are a lot of advertisers that are looking for popular blogs. This is because popular blogs have a lot of exposure and advertisers want to use that exposure to get their products noticed by a lot more people. Internet advertising is way cheaper compared to advertising on TV, radio magazines or billboards. This makes ads on blogs such a great idea. Not only do they get to post cheap ads, but the more blogs they place their ads on, the more exposure their products get which translates into customers and revenue, all at a fraction of what a traditional advertising campaign, with posters and commercials, would cost. Another reason why a lot of brands now see the potential in posting their ads on blogs is because the internet is global and therefore their ads can be seen by anyone in the world. This is far better than magazine or billboard and even TV campaigns that can only reach a certain amount of people at a time in a given geographic area.

Is Advertising on Blogs Wrong?

Many bloggers are torn between making money off blogs and blogging for personal use. A common solution for those who want to use this medium as a way to make free money online is to make a blog for ads and another blog for personal use. Just make sure that your blog for ads is still loaded with good, interesting, and organic content. Experts also advice that if you serious about making a blog for revenue, stock up on useful internet knowledge first. Being web savvy does not mean you have to get a degree in information technology or become a web developer, but the monetary success of your blog, which is what lures advertisers to you, depends on a number of factors. These include your knowledge in HTML, Javascript, blog publishing software, pings, trackbacks, blog carnivals, search engine optimization, page rankings, bookmarking, traffic statistics and analysis as well as podcasts, email, instant messaging.

Why is It Free?

You can make free money online by blogging because you don’t have to make a dime if you want to blog. Free blog hosts like Blogger allow advertisers to post on their blogs. Unlike other business opportunities where you are required to download numerous software or sign up for a program or pay for a registration fee, free blog hosts won’t cost you a dime and you can sign up in a matter of minutes. Signing up for programs like Adsense is also free.