How to make money fast online as a freelance writer

How to make money fast as a freelance writer? If you are not aware what freelance writer is, it is writing article for someone else as simple as that. If you are good at writing then it is the easiest way to make money by writing article.

As a freelance writer you can easily make $ 2 to $ 10 for each article of 250 to 300 words. This work is also know as ghost writer.

There are websites like, etc where you can get work. Go through the workplace where writing jobs are posted by the person who wants to outsource his job.

Once you become member for these website which are mostly free to join. You can browse through the forums looking for the suitable work which you can bid for. After you won the bid you have to do the work according the terms agreed between you and the person who is outsourcing the writing job to you.

When you are new to this freelance writer job, you may charge less for the job, and once the person is satisfied with your writing skills he will testify your work.This way you will build your reputation as a good writer and start getting other offer in no time.

There is special way one has to write for a website. In writing the website article you have to have the keywords in the title of the article and some keywords sprinkled through out the article and also should have a keyword in the last para of the article.

Well this was just the overview about article writing , but i am sure this is one of the easiest way.

Now you know how to make money fast simply by writing an article.