3 Unique Money Making Ideas Without You Lifting A Finger

Who doesn’t love money making ideas? Especially these days when our economy is going through serious financial turmoil, almost everyone is looking for some extra cash. Unfortunately not everyone can take on the burden of extra work, even when they are in desperate need of making additional income. So, today we’ll explore 3 proven and unique money making ideas that do not put you under the burden of doing any extra work. Interested? Lets get started – I’ll save the best ’till last!

– Understand the Cause-Effect Relationship
Before getting into more details, let me clear up for you the typical mindset that most of us have – which is that you have to work to make money. Understand the logic first, or else, you might not get the essence of this article. Our entire existence relies on cause and effect relationship. Same is true when we seek money making ideas.

Well, to earn money, you need to work. When you work, you can make money. So here the ‘do work’ factor is the cause and the ‘make money’ factor is the effect. When cause is absent there shouldn’t be any effect.

So, we basically need to substitute the ‘I do the work’ factor with the ‘money does the work’ factor. Yes, you really can make money with money and when you do this, since you are eliminating the ‘I do the work’ factor, instead, your money does the work for this income. The logic is simple isn’t it? So let us now discover these types of money making ideas.

1. Save Your Money in the Bank
Anyone can easily open a Bank account and put their money into term deposits. This gives you interest against the money you’ve deposited and you know that putting your money in the bank is a pretty safe option that protects you against any loss. The problem with this option is that the interest rates are usually very low and you need to deposit a large amount of capital in order to see any significant results.

2. Trade in Foreign Exchange (forex) / Equity Share Market
If you’re not impressed by the long time a term deposit requires or the small return, then finding quick money making ideas is probably more for you. Consider forex trading or equity share trading options. If you know what you’re doing you can even make a fortune doing this.

But it all depends on whether you have the guts to give this a go – because you may equally end up losing your shirt. There is no guarantee. For example in 2006 I personally invested $ 10,000 in a diversified portfolio and today it’s worth less than $ 6000. So if you’re not totally sure about what you’re doing and you don’t want to take this risk, this option is probably not the best for you. However if you’re still looking for decent money making ideas, you have to read the next option.

3. Join an investment alliance with proven, safe strategies
This is the simplest and most powerful money making home business opportunity that allows you to make a fortune without even lifting a finger to work. This is one of the quick money making schemes that many people are taking a massive interest in thanks to the low cost of involvement, ease of participation, and security they provide members. Consider joining an alliance which offers a fantastic resource for money making ideas that will set you free in ways as easily as following a step-by-step guide to implement a set-and-forget investment plan.